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Business Plan Development

"A business without a business plan is a business that plans to fail."

One of the biggest reasons businesses of any form fail is lack of a solid business plan or failing to follow the business plan as a guideline.

Most people do not know how to write a business plan, let alone one that works.

Since our most important objective is to help your business in any stage or of any size succeed, we offer several ways to help your business develop a professional business plan. But remember you must have realistic obtainable goals and also, remember that your business plan is not just a necessary way of getting funding for a start up or existing business to expand, it's your guideline to your business success.

Fair: Using A Business Plan Tutorial that we developed:  Help at Every Step with instructions to build your plan quickly and easily. Most Preferred Format to give banks, lenders, and VCs what they are looking for. 41 pages in Word. File size 214 KB
Please allow 24 hours for e-mail delivery.


Good: A Business Development and Planning Book: Includes not only how to build a business plan but covers aspects of building a successful business. If you have never run your own business before this is a must have. 324 pages in PDF. File size 1,760 KB
Please allow 24 hours for e-mail delivery.


Better: The software program that we use is the easiest way to create a business plan. Respected by banks, lenders, and the Small Business Administration, this streamlined software has everything you need. Complete with over 400 sample plans, the wizard-driven experience provides instructions by planning experts and powerful resources within the software. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery of the CD.


Best: Have Us Build Your Plan: One of the simplest and best way to develop a working business plan is to have us do it for you. We can develop plans for 400+ different types of businesses. It will include a confidentiality agreement and the business plan along with graphs and charts. We will give you the names and addresses of lenders for your type of business to help you find the financing you need.
Please allow 6 working days to complete business plan after we have received your necessary information to complete the plan.

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