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Do it yourself

Even though we highly recommend having a website professionally built. People will believe the can do it better. They will go out and spend a fortune on software programs, spend hours getting the website built and then spend a few months wondering what they did wrong. Now, if your time is only worth minimum wage and you buy average price programs to build your website. Having us do it for you would be less expensive and frustrating.

Now, we know your still going to try it yourself no matter what anyone says.

So rather than send you out in the cold. We are going to try and help you.

Achieving sales is probably the biggest challenge a web business owner has. It requires a balanced mix of the right products, competitive pricing, optimal web design, aggressive advertising and attracting the right online visitors.

While all of the above are equally important in achieving abundant sales, none of them will work at all if you don't target the people that are most likely to buy your products or services. These people are known as your target or niche market. Focusing in on your niche market will allow you to find only those that are ready, willing and able to buy what you have to offer.

Your niche market provides you the competitive edge over larger corporations because larger companies tend to market to a much broader range of people. Their promotions are more generalized and less focused. For them, the smaller markets are not worth bothering with. This now becomes your opportunity to capture those highly defined niche markets that they left behind.

Defining your Market

In order to find these people you must first determine who they are. This might sound like a simple or perhaps insignificant question at first but it can
possibly make or break the success of your sales if you don't give it some serious thought. Here's how to get started.

Think about the following and jot down all those that might apply to people interested in your products or services. Don't rule out any category completely. Think about each group of people and how they might apply.

Age Group:
infants, children, teens, young adults, baby boomers, middle aged, elderly or all.

Male, female or both.

Marital status:
single, married, divorced, widowed or all.

Ethnic or religious backgrounds

Executives, doctors, lawyers, housewives, business owners, teachers, blue collar, white collar, students, out of work, etc.

Health Status:
healthy, diseased, home bound, active, sedentary, etc.

sports, hiking, music, arts, computers, reading, television, animals, home, decorating, cars, walking, running, relaxation, health conscious, age conscious, physical fitness, etc.

Income status:
low income, middle income, high income, no income.

high school dropout, high school, college, MBA, PHD, hates school, loves school, etc.

Certainly all categories are not listed above, however these can get you started on thinking about all the possibilities.

Next, it's important to determine what benefits you are offering. Examine your products or services carefully listing all the benefits that you can think of. Perhaps take a poll of your existing customers and ask them what it is they like about your products or services. What benefits them the most.

Once you have a listed all of the benefits, think about what people would be interested in these benefits based on your list above. Then put them together to assist you in reaching a market that will bring you sales.

Reaching Your Target Market

Search engines are the best way of finding a targeted market because those searching on the web can type in exactly what they are searching for and receive the targeted traffic the search engines so proudly advertise.

But attaining good placement on the search engines is often difficult and time consuming.

Now that you have the basics you will need one more very important item. Making sure your website gets seen by the right people and more people through search engines. We've written a guide for optimizing your website for maximum search engine placement. It's a step by step guide that puts you light years ahead of other websites that where not built by professionals. This guide gives detailed information that has taken years to compile and updated with the latest information. To learn more about the guide Click Here



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