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Domain Name FAQ

How important to search engines is my domain name?

  • Very, depending on how the domain name is to be used. If your a well known company, use the company name as the domain name. If your not a well known company use a keyword or words that describe your product or service. But do not use a hyphen between words as in names like Wal-Mart as people will not remember to/or put in a hyphen.

How can you only charge $8.95 when Network Solutions who has 8 million domain names charges $35?

  • Simply domain name registration is not our bread and butter. It is just one of many services we offer and a way to get our services noticed. We charge just 70 cents more than what it costs us. We do not have 600+ people on our payroll to worry about. 

After 10 years of having the same domain name do I then own it?

  • No, no one actually owns a domain name, they just lease the domain name for their use. It doesn't matter if you paid for it for ten years in advance, it's just yours to use for that time.





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