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Domain Names

We now offer FREE

  • Domain Forwarding 

  • Domain Masking 

  • For Sale Parked Page 

  • 100 Email Forwarding accounts

With the purchase of a Domain Name from us.

The single most important thing to a website is it's name. Have a good name! 
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Doesn't it seem like all the good domain names are taken? 

Believe us, we've searched and searched for some clever names, but all the great ones have been snapped up! 

This may present a problem if you spend all your time creating an exceptional site, built from an exceptional name, only to find that the name has already been registered. Click Here

There are two ways around this problem:

-While your site is still in its planning stages, make a list of all the possible names you want or would like to have. 

Then search the domain registry, go with the best one that's available, and register it with us for $8.95 or less per year. Click Here

-The other way would be to complete your site and go ahead and give it a cool name. 

If the name is already taken, you can either try to contact the owner of the domain name and offer to buy it, or try to come up with a catchy phrase or clever variation for your name. (I would suggest trying to come up with a catchy phrase. It seems there are a lot of people who want ridiculous amounts of money to part with their domain names and it's not always worth it.)  

Try not to use a name with a hyphen in it such as www.wal-mart.com who discovered to their dismay was not working for them. 

If you are a business make sure it ends in .com do not use .net or .org people are use to the .com.

As a service we do new registrations, renewal of domain names or transfers for $8.95. Click Here

Need more information about Domain Names see our Domain Name FAQ page.



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