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E-Commerce FAQ

How long after I get an order for a product do I receive the money?

  • That depends on how you have the system set up. But the fastest you'll receive it is three days. Why so long? Because anyone can cancel an order or contract within a 3 day grace period by law, so it's kept in a form of Escrow. Another thing you should be aware of is that anyone using a credit card can cancel or get a refund for an order for 30 days.

What type of e-commerce do you recommend?

  • That varies on the amount of sales that a website expects to do. Some work better for websites with just 100 sales a month and less. But are not cost effective above that. While others work for large amounts of sales but are too costly for less than 100 sales a month. For those that do 100 sales per month or less PayPal is our choice as you only pay a fee per each purchase and not a monthly fee for a gateway. Over 100 sales per month and your better off using a major bank to process your sales as it will now become less expensive for each additional sale.





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