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High Speed Internet Access

With the development of WiMax and Wi-Fi it is now possible to offer high speed Internet access almost anywhere and at a reasonable price.

We've developed a plan that can bring this to any small town or even small group within the continental USA and not only make it affordable but in most cases profitable for the town or group. 

How small a group? 60 residential or 20 small businesses makes the plan much less expensive for monthly rates than current cable or DSL prices. 45 residential or 15 small businesses would become the same as current cable or DSL monthly costs. Now if you can get your small town or city involved we can show them how the will not only save money, but can make our plan profitable for them. Below is an example of some of the applications our wireless network can perform. Click on the image to enlarge.

wireless-area network

As you can see high speed wireless access has many benefits. There are more then what we show here, such as getting the city or town national recognition and building both business and tourist features. But that again will depend on the town or city and other factors.

What's the cost? Cost will vary depending on each case.
Factors in cost:

  • How far from a major Internet access point

  • How large the area to be covered

  • Type of terrain to be covered (flat, wooded, hills, mountains, large buildings, etc.)

  • If no line of sight is available number and size of towers

  • Amount of noise (cell phone towers, radio and TV towers, etc.)

  • Amount of bandwidth needed

  • Amount and location of service access points

On an average it's 1/10th to 1/100th the cost of laying just the cable needed for internet access. Again the biggest factor in cost is distance and terrain. It's easier and takes less equipment to make an area wireless that's on relatively flat area than it would be in a heavily forested area in a hilly or mountainous region.

Without doing an exact survey of the area we can offer an approximate cost that can be +/- 15% of the actual cost.

To do this we will need:

  • A recent topographical map of the area

  • A recent street map with locations of subscribers to have access

  • Amount of subscribers to have access upon completion of project

  • Amount of bandwidth each subscriber needs or wants

  • The distance to the nearest area that has high speed access.

Amount of bandwidth we can offer will depend on the backbone we have to hook up to and the needs of the subscribers. It can be between 10 Mbps up to 2.4 Gbps.

If you have a group of 60+ people seriously interested in high speed internet access and would like more information or approximate cost for a build out, please enter your e-mail address below. Your address will not be used for any purpose other than for us to contact you.



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