The Almaty Herald (English) http://www.herald.kz/   daily

The Globe (English) http://www.globe.kz/ semi-weekly


Jornal Va Kio (Chinese) http://www.jornalvakio.com/   daily

Macao Daily News
(Chinese) http://www.macaodaily.com/   daily

Macau Hoje
(Portuguese) http://www.macauhoje.ctm.net/   daily

Ponto Final
(Portuguese) http://www.unitel.net/pontofinal/   weekly


Berita Harian (Malay) http://www.bharian.com.my/ 

Business Times
(English) http://www.btimes.com.my/   daily

Daily Express
(English) http://www.dailyexpress.com.my/   daily

Nanyang Siang Pau
(Chinese) http://www.nanyang.com.my/ 

The Star
(English) http://www.thestar.com.my/   daily

Utusan Malaysia
(Malay) http://www.utusan.com.my/   daily


Haveeru Daily (Divehi) http://www.haveeru.com.mv/   daily


Daily Mirror (Mongolian) http://www.mol.mn/udur_toli/   daily


Kathmandu Post (English) http://www.nepalnews.com.np/ktmpost.htm   daily

Sandhya Times
(Nepali) http://www.nepalnews.com.np/sandyatimes.htm    daily

North Korea

Korean News (English) http://www.kcna.co.jp/    daily

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