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Online Advertising

One of the best ways to get more people to your site is thru search engines they are the yellow pages of the internet. For more information about the most important advertising you will do Search engine submissions Now. Remember this is the best and lowest overall cost form of advertising you can do online and your best ROI (return on investment).


We no longer suggest bulk e-mailing of any form even from opt-in lists. Why? Because they cost more than they are worth. When advertising you must always look at ROI (return on investment) bulk e-mail programs no longer have a good ROI not even a fair one.

We no longer suggest pop-ups or pop-under's for the same reason. People hate pop-ups and pop-under's as much as Spam.

Other than search engines, online newspapers using a text only ad works very well.

Thousands of Online Newspapers that we advertise in around the world. Go to our worldwide newspaper list

Many people think of banner ads when they think of advertising online. Banner ads have shown to ignored by surfers.

Newsletters are one of the best ways to get your site immediately seen.                             

For the cost between 18 and 35 dollars per thousand subscribers your ad for your site will be sent to individuals who would be interested in your site because this is a targeted audience.

We now offer online advertising. Get seen in 500 advertisement sites for $75, 750 sites for $89 or 1,000 sites for $99. This is different than a newsletter as it is not sent out in an e-mail but very effective.

To order online advertising now just click on the button provided for the one you chose then fill out the comment area with the ad you would like to have appear. 

Please limit the ad size to 25 words or less. This is to get them to go to your site not to give them all the information on the site.  Click you choose below and start your success.

Ad in 500 Sites $75

Ad in 750 Sites $89

Ad in 1,000 Sites $99

News groups are another way to get a targeted audience.

But you may get responses you do not like as you are inviting anyone to respond. We will do this for you if you need us to.

The charge is based on the number of newsgroups to be advertised in.


Do you want to find ways to attract viewers to your Web site through means other than advertising on the 'net?

You may want to look into real-world promotions.

Real-world promotions are non-electronic promotion vehicles traditionally used to attract consumers.

Real-world promotions include television and radio spots, print media (ads in magazines and newspapers), and direct mailings (fliers, brochures, catalogs).

We have a list of over 7,000 newspapers from all over the country. View them by Clicking Here.

Real-world promotions can be very expensive, but many pay off in the long run.

Of course, one doesn't have to shovel money into advertiser pockets to get real-world ads.

The first thing to do is to ask yourself - Is this site meant for the world, or just my hometown?

Why ask this question?

The answer is simple - -expense!

Buying an ad in your local paper isn't all that expensive, unless you live in a major city.

TV commercials will generally be more expensive but are affordable for smaller cities.

However, nationwide spots during the Super Bowl can cost as much as a million dollars a second.

Real-world promotions do draw interest, but be careful - costs can escalate quickly.

You don't want to go broke before you open your site to the public.

Here's a great promotional tip - Remember to put your URL on EVERYTHING YOU SEND OUT.

Use the URL on business cards and letterhead, or even paint it on your car.

Get your name and URL out there!  



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