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"A few years ago I found myself in a position I never dream would happen and that was having my two previously successful businesses go in the red. We tried all the customary fixes but they did not work. Then a friend told me to get a website. I'm in the medical field and thought how is a website going to get me more patients or clients for my Clinical Trials studies. Well, I contacted several but was put off by both the prices, services and general character of the people I talk to. So I called my friend who told me about how Complete Web Resource helped him. I had my doubts because they where thousands of miles away but their price was reasonable and liked that they told me honestly what to expect and how soon. I'm now back to having two very successful businesses again."
                                                  Beth Corbin-Hsi

Beth is the owner of Albuquerque Clinical Trials  and

Rio Grande Family Medicine
in Albuquerque, New Mexico

"I started with Complete Web Resource first to help a colleague get more business then after seeing what they could do for him I used them myself. We had a few problems at first, mostly because I wanted to do things my way, which by the way I hate admitting. But after listening and letting them do what they are good at, the website started working for me. And if I had a problem or concern they took care of it immediately. so if I were to give a reason for writing this it's because they were so helpful and took care of the problems without hesitation. And I've recommended them to several other colleagues and friends. Oh, by the way they made my website go from #526 to #1 for "golf course marketing plans" searches in Yahoo!, AltaVista, MSN, Lycos, HotBot and All the Web search engines. And #4 from #879 in the same search engines for "golf course marketing"

                                                   Jack Brennan

Jack Brennan is the owner of Golf Course Marketing Plans



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