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Venture Capitol

Many people find that they have a great idea or product but do not have the money they need to make their dreams a reality.

Many banks and financial institutions will not lend money or backing without a great deal of security usually more than what the loan would total. 

We offer several ways to help those dreams become real.

Depending on the total needs of a person or company.

The amount can be a few thousand dollars to several million dollars.

We require a detailed business plan including profit margins, marketing program and operational plans. If you do not have a detailed business plan CLICK HERE. If need be we can work out the marketing and operational programs.

What amount you believe will be needed to accomplish this. And if you intend on paying  the amount back thru payments or partnerships. 

You must be a US Citizen since 1982 to qualify. As we will also try to find you grants and government assistance.  

Mail the information, including complete contact information and a check made out to us for $49.00 for processing to:

Complete Web Resources
Attn: Capitol Investments
217 Gilda Place
Ft Walton Beach, FL 32548-4201

Allow 4 to 6 weeks for a decision 

What is included with the fee:

  • A Business Plan Tutorial:  Help at Every Step with instructions to build your plan quickly and easily. Most Preferred Format to give banks, lenders, and VCs what they are looking for.

  • Direct access to Government Funding sites including Grant Site that will show you which Grants you qualify for using an online answer guide. Better information than what that guy in the yellow jacket with the "?" marks charging $39.95.

  • Contacting Venture Capitol Groups only groups that are interested in your type of business. We have 1,200+ groups covering 400+ business types.

Need a faster decision?

Use our online Payment system thru PayPal then overnight your business plan to us. You will get everything above plus two weeks off decision time. The added fee is to cover cost of payment system and overnight business plan to Venture Capitol Groups.

For quick response $75.00

Don't want to apply online or need to talk to a human. E-mail us with your name and phone # with the best time to call and talk to you (please include your time zone).



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