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Web Design FAQ

Why did you stop using themes?

  • For many different reasons but the most important ones where: 
    1. Having the pages viewed the same by any browser and any resolution setting.
    2. Flexibility for designs.
    3. Shear speed of loading it's 3 times faster.

How long does it take to get a website built?

  • Depends on the size of the website, amount of graphic work we have to do, if it's a totally custom site or uses one of our stock designs. It can be done in one day or several weeks. But most take between a week or two. As a general rule the first page takes a day and each page after about 2-3 hours.

A friend of mine says your pages are actually several pages viewed together, I say there just one page copied over and over. Who's right?

  • Your friend, who must have some knowledge about new web design. Ask him how many pages he sees when looking at our home page and how many on our main FAQ page. Our home page is the same as this page and has 7 different elements viewed as one page. The main FAQ page only has 5. If he gets them right listen to the man about web design.

After a website is built how hard is it to add pages to it later.

  • Once built it's relatively simple to add pages to the website or modify the text in existing pages.

I am considering promoting a religious themed acrylic cross night light.  Can a flash or some other device to dim the site to show the light be created?  Maybe an interactive button or light switch? Maybe heaven's rays in the daytime?
  • You have two choices on this:
    1. As you suggested in flash using a button or light switch
    2. In GIF file that is animated such as the one on this e-mail at the bottom right.
    Pros and Cons:
    • Flash shows a more exact image of an item mostly around the boarders but is a little more expensive to do and only people using Flash Plug-ins on their browser will see the image. The cost to do a Flash is higher.
    • GIF files can be seen by everyone that has a browser that supports images. When enlarged the edges of images can seem blurry.
    For both you should use a digital camera mounted on a tripod to take two pictures. One in a daylight position and one in the night position. Both at the exact same location and angle that's why you need to use a tripod. You should always display an item for sale exactly how it will appear. Your idea of heaven's rays shining on it could be used as part of a logo.




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