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Web Development Pricing

It's extremely difficult to give general pricing on building a website, as we stated earlier each website will have it's own needs and take different lengths of time to develop. We charge $60 per hour for website development. Below is average pricing per page for two different forms of website use.

First, what do we conceder a website? In most cases it is made up of at least 4 pages. Introduction page (home page), product or service page, contact page and a very overlooked but most important page the FAQ's. There are other pages working in the background just like you think your seeing one page right now but there are actually five your looking at. That's part of a design feature and we do not conceder them as additional pages.

Second, what do we conceder a page? On an average 1,500 characters of text (a character is a letter, space or quotation mark) with up to 4 supplied graphics other than what we use. Or up to 3,000 characters of text with one supplied graphic other than what we use. Or a page can contain a form for information gathering such as the contact page along with brief text explaining the form.

Third, will it use a stock design (an original design that we sell a license to use but we own the rights to) or an original custom design that you and you alone own outright.

Let's use the minimum as a starting point. Remember, these do not include hosting.

For a website that is only going to be used like a business card or brochure. These do not include any form of search engine keywords or submissions. And you are responsible for supplying the text to be used. We will only do a spelling and grammar check.

First page price:

  • Using a stock design:    $150

  • You own the design:     $600

Additional normal pages (one that does not include a form) run $30 each. Form pages cost $45 for up to ten lines of information gathering and $1 for each addition line.

Website that will need E-Commerce add $265 for up to 20 items and $3 for each item over that.

Websites that will be for National or International use. These do not include E-Commerce, see above for additional price. But include immediate search engine placement in every major search engine (within 96 hours) with the exception of Google which your website will be included within two weeks. Online advertising in several online business bulletin boards that relate to your specific business. Special Keyword placement in both the text and meta tags for better search engine results.

  • Using a stock design:  $750
  • You own the design:   $1,200
  • Additional pages: $60 to $85

Remember these are estimated prices and maybe higher or lower depending on your exact needs. In most cases they have been lower.

For a more exact free quote send us your exact needs with as much information as possible to sales@completewebresource.com all your information will remain private.

To start a design project we require a 50% down payment. We will show you the website design online before it is published for public viewing. You may reject the design and we will supply another.


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Web Development Pricing


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