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Website CPR

"Many of life's failures are experienced by people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up." ~ Thomas Edison

We can get your website working for you. 

We evaluate your website and host to determine where the problem lies. 

We then send you the recommendations on how to correct the problem or problems. 

We will also send you a guide to fix the problem or problems which you can use to evaluate your website and correct it.

Who needs our services?

Anyone with a website that is not performing to it's potential. 

Even companies that have spent millions on the internet have found we can help. 

Take Wal-Mart they where shown how to increase their online presents by a simple change that was overlooked by highly paid experts. 

If you have built your own site it may be beautiful but not living up to your expectations because some details where left out or completed wrong.

We charge $79.00 for evaluating your website to get the best ranking in any one search engine. We do a complete check including the proper HTML coding, all META Tags, keyword placement, compare your website to the top 10 websites that use your major keyword or phrase and give you a detail report which also includes what needs to be changed to get you the best ranking for that search engine for that keyword or phrase.

Each search engine uses their own unique system of how they do their listings. It's important to understand that. When we give you the information to optimize for Google this does not mean it's optimized for MSN, Yahoo, AltaVista or the other search engines it's optimized for just Google. Inktomi is search engine data bases where many search engines get their reports and information. Inktomi is now own by Yahoo. Yahoo also owns Overture.

"Time is really the only capital that any human being has and the thing that he can least afford to waste or lose..." ~ Thomas Edison

Evaluate your site now.  

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We are here to help you become successful in every aspect of your online business. Due to the size of our website you may find it handy to view our site map in case you get lost. The link is at the bottom of every page.

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