Why Choose Us?

What makes us different from all the rest is we actually want you to succeed. We're not just going to sell you something and then forget about you.

We've learned a long time ago that for us to be successful, our clients need to be successful. Now to us that's a no brainier. Over 80% of our new clients come us from referrals from the clients we've helped.

What we do is simple. We give honest informed answers not a bunch of hype and exaggerations. We chose the path that will work for each client. Our biggest concern is ROI (return on investment) which most development firms could care less about, once they have their money most are gone. To us it makes no sense to spend $10 if your only going to get $5 back. But it does make sense if you spend $10 and you get back $50 of profit over a short period of time.

Having a website involves work on both the development firm and the client to be truly successful. Like most people, you've been told that once properly setup (including marketing) a website runs by itself. Actually it does 92% of the work you still have to do 8% to be successful. The more work you do personally, the quicker and more successful you'll become.

As a client we show you exactly what you need and what you yourself will need to do to be successful on the Internet. We give you all the tools and instructions on how to use them. We can be hired to do it for you if you feel your not up to it.

We literally spend thousands of dollars to make sure we have the latest information on what is currently working on search engines to get our clients the best possible position. The information is constantly changing and what worked yesterday may not work today that is why we stay on top. We also get information that will give our clients advantages over their competitors.

We hate spam and since most websites are the biggest targets for spam we devised several methods to help keep our clients spam free. Most e-mail addresses are harvested from websites by using automate programs that pull the information from the website. So we've used a special coding that keeps that from happening. We've also use Spam Assassin to take care of those that harvest e-mails by people instead of programs. We've setup a specialized e-mail forwarding program so our clients can use their own e-mail programs they are use to and not have to learn how to use a new e-mail program. For those that want to get back at those that send spam and get triple protection from it we even have IncrediMail professional version that can be purchased which will bounce their spam back at them. WE HATE SPAM.

We know how important it is to track visitors, which pages they've visited and how they came to your website. Our user friendly, easy to use system tracks monthly, daily and even hourly. It will show you which pages they entered to which page they exited. They system will tell you the search engine used and which keyword or keyword phrase was used to get to the website. It will even tell you the browser and version used to view the website. These features are important guidelines to help you improve your overall web presents. 

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We are here to help you become successful in every aspect of your online business. Due to the size of our website you may find it handy to view our site map in case you get lost. The link is at the bottom of every page.

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